Steve H



“As an ex-athlete with surgeries on both knees several, several years ago, I am always looking for some exercise, a program or a “fix” to relieve knee pain, improve & prolong knee strength and forego any suggestion of knee replacement, both now or in the future. After several months training under Scott’s direction at his circuit training gym, I was pleased with my improving knee strength and some reduction of knee pain. Then came Scott’s addition of the Power Plate. My goodness, what an amazing improvement to my knees after only 4 weeks of work on The Power Plate.”

“Scott’s masterful understanding of what to implement on the Power Plate for total joint relief and strengthening has greatly improved my range of motion, improved my total leg strength and reduced overall joint pain and ache. I sleep virtually pain free and now have more knee strength than I can remember for years! I am totally sold on the Power Plate and can fully endorse its claims and benefits to joint strengthening and overall body fitness.”

– Steve H



“I love Scott King because he pushes me to make myself a better person. I always hated working out and was too self-conscious to go to a big gym, so I just didn’t do it. Scott holds me accountable and I feel so comfortable going to his gym. I actually love working out now!”

– Catherine P



“I’ve probably been with Scott longer than anyone at the gym, think it’s been about 17-18 years. I’ve tried a few other trainers over the years, but I always came back; Scott is simply the best. His circuit training just works best for me; you get out of a program what you are willing to put in.”

“I’m a pilot and we travel often, but when I’m home I try to get to the gym at least 4-5 days a week, and somehow Scott has always been able to accept & adapt the training to my lifestyle. Now with the addition of the POWER PLATE, he’s just stepped up the intensity of the class, and I love it! I think his goal is to keep it interesting and make us strong.”

– Brenda L



“I love Power Plate Since my dog is older we don’t get our long walks. I am able to get more out of shorter work outs. Plus I have never had more strength and endurance.”

– Joni B



“I’ve been going to Scott King Circuit Fitness for over 10 years because I get a great workout from a professional trainer in a fun environment. Scott is a real professional who creates an appropriate workout for each of his clients and who is genuinely interested in each client’s progress. His clientele is excellent and makes the group environment fun, but everyone remains focused on the workout and avoids distracting others.”

– Ray J



“My story is like most folks; in my 30’s I started gaining 2 to 3 lbs a year so by the time I was in my mid 40’s I was about 50 lbs overweight. Started exercising with Scott King and I credit his exercise regimen for helping me lose the 50 lbs and now I feel great.”

– Bryant C



“Circuit Training has been a great addition to my workout routine. Before joining Circuit Fitness the majority of my exercise was cardio, mostly from running. The strength training with the weight machines has made a big difference in my workouts and I feel more balanced and stronger. The addition of the Power Plate machines has added another dimension to the gym.”

“There’s such a great comraderie and lightheartedness that makes the atmosphere so enjoyable and Scott is great at mixing up the exercises to keep you motivated. Having been to many gyms around Atlanta over the years, Circuit Fitness has the laid back atmosphere, yet serious work out that keeps it fun but challenging.”

– Dede D



“The most efficient, thorough and consistently gratifying fitness program I know!”

– Quill H



“Power Circuit Fitness has not only been instrumental in my fitness regimen, but in a lifestyle change which has led me to become happier, healthier, and more productive. In my two years with Power Circuit Fitness, that lifestyle change has led to me losing 45 pounds, which has improved every facet of my life.”

– John R



“Scott is the best! He is constantly challenging me. Thanks to his work out I fit into my skinny jeans! My confidence and overall energy dramatically improved!”

– Polina W



“The Scott King set up works for me because it forces me to cross train on cardio and a wide variety of weights. The circuit method gives you the benefit of a personal trainer without the hovering or the expense and eliminates boredom. The power plates have made a huge difference in my flexibility.”

– Sheffield H



“I’ve been a client of Scott King’s for 7 years and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Scott is a great trainer and motivator, but most of all, he current with the latest innovations in fitness and brings in state of the art equipment that help give me a well- rounded work out that is both efficient and affective. My workouts have really benefitted from the Power Plate technology.”

– Doug K



“Scott is always adding new training techniques along with the addition of state of the art equipment such as the Power Plate. He has a willingness to design your workout around individual needs. Especially if it’s related to an injury or you are trying to improve in an athletic endeavor.”

– Jeff G



“I really enjoy the variety of exercise options that Scott offers. I have been going to Scott for 8 years and never get bored with the routine because there are so many varieties of cardio, free weights, weight machines, and the Power Plate. It is a great workout with fun people in the gym.”

– Becky R



“I have been a member for 14 years and love the workout, the people and the positive atmosphere.”

– Martha M



“Scott’s ability to personalize his circuit training has given him a loyal following. Some clients have been with him for over 15 years. In the past, I have had a difficult time committing to regular exercise. Surprisingly, I have already exercised faithfully with Scott for three years.”

– Jeff M



“A very happy three year client of Scott King. He incorporates new technology and provides personal attention at a very reasonable price. Add in a flexible schedule and I can’t imagine a better fitness deal in Atlanta.”

– Rob W

“Scott King’s fitness program has been the perfect antidote for my post 40 body. He switches the format to keep the workout interesting and the introduction of the new Power Plate machines has really taken the whole workout up a notch. This gym is the best kept secret in Buckhead!”

– Tiffany W



“Scott King is and has been an important part of my healthy lifestyle. Scott’s circuit training routine combined with his use of the newest technologies in fitness and his consistent personal commitment to create and address specifics needs, make for an amazingly results driven opportunity which is rare.”

– Rutherford S



“Scott King’s program is a part of my life. For the last seven years I have seen Scott 3-4 times each week. In addition to being a good friend, he is a great motivator and encourager. His programs are innovative and challenging and a great value.”

– Matt H

“I never enjoyed exercise until five years ago when I began to visit Scott King. Scott has a unique program that is enjoyable and motivating. He is very creative and has made exercise fun. I recommend his program anyone.”

– Hollis H