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30 MINUTE POWER PLATE® WORKOUT – New at Power Circuit Fitness!

Focused, personalized 30 minute Power Plate® workouts and classes with a Certified Power Plate® Trainer by appointment.

At Power Circuit Fitness our 30 minute Power Plate® workouts incorporate five elements of training: Stretch, Balance, Core, Strength, and Massage. Over 200 exercises can be performed on the Power Plate® providing our clients a workout that is fresh, challenging, and interesting each session.

Five Elements of Training

1. Stretch – Increase blood flow, stimulate the nervous system, warm up connective tissue, and reduce the chance of injury.

2. Balance – Train like an elite athlete with multi-directional movement, which helps your nervous system recruit muscle fibers for improved balance and stability.

3. Core – The Power Plate® machine is designed to safely engage and work the core in all planes of movement.  It’s also the perfect tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

4. Strength – Empower your workout with Acceleration Training™ for static, dynamic and explosive strength and a toned, sculpted physique.

5. Massage – …and relax. Lower the stress hormone Cortisol, release Serotonin, improve circulation and increase lymphatic flush. Reward and restore your body.

Power Plate® equipment delivers high intensity training unlike anything you’ve ever experienced that burns fat, enhances muscle tone, improves balance, and increases strength.  With our Power Plate® Workouts you will get a complete, full-body workout only 30 minutes.

Get fit and energized in just 30 minutes on the Power Plate®!

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