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Scott King – Owner / Trainer

 Power Circuit Fitness is owned by Scott King.  Scott has always had a passion for health and fitness.  He enjoys challenging himself physically using various modalities of exercise.  Scott is a former competitive body builder and holds several titles.  He holds a Business degree from the University of NC and completed two years of Exercise Physiology at Georgia State University. 

Scott has been in the fitness industry for over 35 years.  He has personally trained hundreds of people in the Atlanta community beginning in 1984.  He opened Power Circuit Fitness in 1997 with eight machines in a 1,000 square foot space.  Since then Scott has expanded his business to include over 50 machines within a 4,000 square foot facility.  Scott lives in Atlanta and enjoys weekends in his loft located in West Georgia. 

People in Atlanta have trusted Scott King with their fitness needs for over 20 years.

Power Circuit Fitness Staff

Power Circuit Fitness Staff - Atlanta, GA

Power Circuit Fitness

Power Circuit Fitness, is a privately owned and operated gym established by Scott King in 1997.  Scott continues to provide his clients with the most advanced programs and fitness equipment that the industry has to offer.  The unique Power Circuit Workout involves elliptical machines, Stairmasters, spinning bikes, treadmills, upper body cardio machines, and recumbent bikes.  Resistance equipment includes free weights, weight-stack machines, TRX straps, stability balls, and the addition of the revolutionary Power Plates. 

The spirit of the gym operates under The Golden Rule.  There is a caring and comfortable atmosphere built around community at Power Circuit Fitness. Clients with various fitness levels feel welcome. Our clients range in age form 14-75 and include elite athletes, weekend warriors, car pool moms, and those with specific orthopedic or rehabilitative concerns.

The staff at Power Circuit Fitness listens to the concerns of our clients and adapt programs to meet the specific needs of each individual’s fitness goals.

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